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Know the Type Tractor Based on Usefulness

Tractor is a tool / machine that helps human work, especially in agriculture or plantations.

Types of Tractor Based on Usefulness:

  • General Purpose Tractor 

As the name implies “general” which has a general meaning. So that this tractor is designed to do general work, has a relatively low position of the axle. In other words, this tractor has a variety of functions.

  • Special Purpose Tractor 

Tractors with more specific uses. For example, earth tractor tractor, special agricultural tractor, watering plant tractor etc. This type of tractor has a higher ground clearance.

  • Industrial Tractor 

Industrial tractors are used for industrial purposes, some are specialized in development activities. Its characteristics, among others, have a great ability to dance because this tractor has the same front and rear wheels / almost the same and double.

  • Plantation Tractor 

Plantation Tractor is a tractor that is used on land with lots of plants, with this tractor it will be safer and easier to use on terrain with many plants. Can also be used on land that has a high slope angle, because the construction of the center of gravity is low. This tractor usually has a protective roof. Of the energy that can be produced is also quite large.

  • Garden tractor 

The next type of tractor is a garden tractor that is useful for light works, for example lawn mowers, small farms. Therefore this tractor has little power.

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