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Asphalt Finisher Function

Asphalt finisher is a tool to spread hot mix asphalt mixture produced from asphalt production equipment, namely Asphalt Mixing Plant [AMP] on the road surface to be worked on. There are two types of Asphalt Finisher, the type of crawler that uses a track and the type of rubber wheel (Wheeled). In Asphalt Finisher track types, the overlay is smoother and flatter than Asphalt Finisher which uses rubber wheels of the same size.

Asphalt Finisher Has wheels in the form of centipedes or referred to as crawler track with hopper that is not grounded. While under the hopper there is a knife that is also as wide as a hopper. When the overlay system, the prefix begins with inserting asphalt into the hopper. Then the asphalt will immediately come down to the surface and be combed by a knife. To obtain the desired level of flatness, the knife will be arranged.

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